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A Bum-Numbing Afternoon

on October 25, 2010

I just may have a permanently numb bum.


You can see the difference in her from her happy pre-spay pictures. This is one pathetic puppy.


After making an appointment with the vet to find out why Daisy is trembling and clearly in pain after a day of near-normal post-spay behavior, I found out that dogs sometimes tremble from pain and the fear it generates. I think this is the problem because when I put her on my lap and cuddled her, as was recommended by another vet online, she immediately stopped trembling and fell asleep.

She slept comfortably on my lap with no trembling for almost 2 hours…ergo, my numb bum.

Then she suddenly jumped up and frantically circled around, clearly feeling pain or at least some pretty high level of discomfort, with that weird posture and movement that comes from pain. I think she’s feeling some intense itching as well, because her one hind leg keeps making scratching motions in mid-air.

But she looks at me with those soulful, “help me” eyes and it just kills me that I can’t ease her pain.

I’m thinking that maybe every dog’s sensitivity to pain is different, much like all people’s sensitivity to pain is different. We all have different levels of pain tolerance, so why shouldn’t animals? And maybe Daisy was acting more normally yesterday because the pain med he gave her took a little longer to wear off, just like it does with some people. It’s a possibility, anyway.

Now she’s curled up in the corner of the sofa, something we don’t usually allow. We will for now; whatever it takes to give her some relief. But the interesting thing is that there’s still no trembling – clearly, that online vet was right about it being fear-driven, and that fear is relieved when she’s being comforted by the people she trusts.

I think I’ll cancel the vet appointment and see how she does from here on. If the pain doesn’t start lessening by Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll call again and make an appointment to find out if this level of pain is normal by that time. But I’m relieved that at least the trembling isn’t involuntary. I wonder if I’ll have to spend the night with her here on the sofa….

It’s amazing what lengths we’re willing to go to for a furry little creature who we only met and took into our home a few months ago! I guess it’s love…. 🙂

4 responses to “A Bum-Numbing Afternoon

  1. tiffy40 says:

    In my experience, dogs do have different levels of pain tolerance. The vet told me that my German Shepherd was highly tolerant to pain, which was evident during his bout with hip dysplasia. Yet, my yorkie is frightened by pain and acts very abnormally over-sensitive when she injures herself and she does tremble and hide during those times. My German Shepherd never did that. it was actually hard to tell when he was in pain. Two different dogs and two different experiences. I hope Daisy continues to improve every day and feels better soon!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Judy, you have no idea how much you’ve put my mind at ease! Thanks so much for sharing that information, you’ve confirmed my theory and that makes me feel MUCH less anxious. My Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix never showed pain either, which is why Daisy’s reactions were so foreign to me. I now know I’m doing the right things with her and I can relax – thanks so much!

  2. Anita Wagner says:

    As I was reading this post, our Baby Girl, sleeping in her crate, jumped and circled frantically. See my comments on your next post. I can’t tell you how much *your* posts here have helped ease MY mind.

    I never owned a dog or wanted one, but my daughter and husband decided I needed one to keep me busy after I retired early with frozen shoulder syndrome. If anyone told me six months ago I would now be totally smitten with a little white puppy, I would have said no way.

    So yes, love it is. And now she is sitting up and falling asleep again with her head hanging as low as it can while wearing the cone.

    How long did it take for Daisy’s symptoms to pass?

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Hi Anita! I’m so glad my posts are helping you through this. I spent about two weeks sitting on the couch cuddling Daisy. She showed some small signs of improvement along the way, but she really needed constant attention and affection for those two weeks. (See my response to your first comment in my post about small dog pain reactions, I put more info in there.) It felt like an even longer time period because of how awful it is to watch a tiny little creature you love suffering so much, and there’s nothing more you can do to help than what you’re already doing. Baby Girl sounds like she’s going through the same things Daisy went through. I truly hope her recovery goes faster than Daisy’s did. On a positive note, Daisy was absolutely fine once she came through the healing/pain process, so you do have that to look forward to!

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