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The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

Popping Puppy

on October 13, 2010

Sometimes this little puppy is like popcorn – if you’re lying on the sofa, all of a sudden this head pop-pop-pops up and down next to yours over and over again. It’s like she’s being launched from a hot air popcorn popper. We can’t even get a picture of it, they all just come out like furry blurs.

Her legs must be made of springs – BOING BOING BOING!


Uh ohhh...am I in trouble?


She’ll jump completely off the ground, all fours in the air, a good foot or so high. Sometimes she races across the room and makes that springy jump with all that running momentum behind her, thrusting her head out in an attempt to land on the sofa seat….and she gets really close!

We tried to dissuade her from doing this, because not everyone finds it amusing to have a dog catapult itself onto their laps. No matter how cute or little the dog may be, thrusting themselves full force onto the laps of guests who may be dressed up or wearing stockings or fine materials isn’t exactly a welcome visit!

We failed in this attempt, however. Fortunately we’ve covered the sofa seats with old sheets, just in case. Thank goodness we did!

Last week I came into the family room and found Daisy sitting on the love seat, frozen in place, just staring at me, not moving a muscle. This is what she does when she knows she’s done wrong.

I reprimanded her and put her back down on the floor. She did it 2 more times that day! She does have a stubborn streak….

The third time I found her on the loveseat, I told her to get down rather than putting her down on the floor. She’d never jumped from that height before, which I hadn’t thought about until she landed with a THUD and stood there, clearly shaken. She didn’t like that feeling at all.

Guess what? She hasn’t even tried to jump back up on the sofa since then. I guess that landing taught her a lesson…for now, anyway!

One response to “Popping Puppy

  1. tiffy40 says:

    That’s funny. I guess Daisy learned her lesson. I gave up with Tiffy, she jumps up on everything so I just cover everything with pretty throws. Since she doesn’t shed, it really isn’t much of a problem.

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