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Expect the Unexpected – Havachon Secrets

on October 8, 2010

You never know what to expect with any type of puppy you buy, but that’s just part of the fun of getting to know each other! I can’t speak for all breeds of dogs, but there are definitely some unexpected personality and behavioral traits we’ve noticed in our little Havachon puppy so far.


I can't believe I was EVER that little! I looked like a furry caterpillar!


Picture the scene: We first met our little Havanese-Bichon mix when she was about 10 weeks old. She was just a little fluff ball who hadn’t yet found her voice and sat quietly with a shy little expression on her face.

“Havachons are shy dogs,” the shop owner said. “They’ll play when you put them on the floor, but they’re generally very quiet and calm down as soon as you pick them up.”

This was the first Havachon she had dealt with, so what did she know? Nothing, apparently!

We visited our little Havachon in the shop 3 times before taking her home, and no matter what we did, we couldn’t get her to play. The owner assured us that the puppy was active, but not overly so. “She’s a shy, quiet type,” she repeated over and over again.


I'm so big, I take up my whole bed now instead of just a corner!


When we brought our little bundle of fur home a week later, she still had that shy look on her face and didn’t move around much. We were concerned that maybe she had suffered some kind of early trauma that had affected her permanently….WRONG! It didn’t take very long for her to come out of her little frightened shell. Within days, we had a scampering puppy whose shyness was only directed at strangers. Now, that’s gone too!

There isn’t a lot of Havachon information around yet, but what there is states that these dogs are shy – that seems to be the most common descriptive word used about them. Our Havachon is 6 months old now, and there isn’t a shy bone in her body. She greets strangers with enthusiasm, seeks out new “adventures” without hesitation, and uses that voice she found with gusto. Shyness is a thing of the past. We now have a puppy who’s very loving, very sweet, and lots of fun to be around. Of all the descriptive words people use about her, “sweet” and “happy” are the most common ones. Lesson learned: Dogs don’t follow scripts; they’re as individual as we are, and what we put into them affects who they become.

“Havachons train fast – in a week, we got her completely trained on the wee-wee pad.” Wow, that shop owner didn’t know these puppies at all! It’s taken the better part of 6 months to get her to be consistent, which I now understand is common – actually, most owners of small dogs, including the Havanese and Bichon owners I’ve talked to, say that consistency took them about a year.

Daisy led us to believe she was trained after we were working on it for a week; the second week was perfect. Then came the slip-ups, the outright refusals to go on the pad, and a back-and-forth period. Now we seem to have reached a completely consistent routine, and all’s right with the world again. 🙂 Lesson learned: Don’t expect that first sign of perfection to mean the training period is over.

Havachons are smart and like to copy their owners. Daisy studies us at work, play, and rest – you can see that little mind working – and after a few months of watching us at mealtime, she started sitting down when eating her own


Everyone else sits when they eat, so I will too!


breakfast and dinner! She also takes many cues from us when it comes to dealing with new situations. Lesson learned: Be careful what kind of behaviors and attitudes you model, your puppy will pick up on them!

Havachons also like to tower over their environments and survey their territory. I swear, if she had a perch near the ceiling, she’d find a way to get to it, and it would be her favorite spot! For the first few months, when we’d pick Daisy up and put her on our laps, she’d just curl up and enjoy being stroked. Recently, she started standing on our laps, then sitting tall while slowly overlooking every foot of the room, one bit at a time. “It’s my domain,” she seems to say, “I have to make sure everything’s okay.” Only after she studies the room for a while does she finally cuddle up and nap. From those first few months, we expected a dog who was only interested in cuddling, but there’s much more to her than that!

Lesson learned: Puppies evolve as they grow, just like children. They’ll change over time – especially breeds with stronger personalities and genetics – and we need to be flexible enough to give them the space to come into their own without letting them rule the roost!

I’m sure we’ll learn more and more about this new breed as the months and years go by – it keeps things interesting!

4 responses to “Expect the Unexpected – Havachon Secrets

  1. granny1947 says:

    Good Morning RD….she is adorable.
    I,totally, agree with you….dogs grow up according to their owners.
    I have often noticed that the dogs that are unfriendly on the beach are the ones who have owners who don’t greet.
    Jasmine has a sense of humour….I swear!
    Right now she is watching my every move…waiting for me to pick up my camera..guess I will have to go walkies!

  2. tiffy40 says:

    She looks so tiny in her puppy picture! Like a little ball of fluff! They grow so quickly and learn so much in the first year. It really is amazing. She sounds like a smart girl:)

  3. Breezy says:

    We just had a litter today at 6! This story is soo helpful! 🙂

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Congratulations! Oh how I’d love to see a whole litter of little Havachons! Hope Mom and puppies are doing well. I’m glad the post helped, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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