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Out of Place – Havachon Law and Order

on October 7, 2010


You don't belong there!!


Our little Havachon  puppy is an orderly sort of gal. She collects her toys and puts them either into a pile or into a triangle. She carries her blanket from room to room and tries to spread it out so she can lie on it, especially when it’s not on carpeting. And she HATES it when things are out of place.

Yesterday morning I took the dishwashing bottle out from under the sink and put it on the counter so I wouldn’t forget to turn the dishwasher on after lunch. I had my computer at the kitchen table and started working. Out of nowhere, Daisy starts bfffing – “bfff! bfff!” – you know, that sound dogs make that’s like a small closed-mouthed bark; it tells you something’s got their attention, but it’s not quite worthy of a bark…yet.

I looked to see Daisy posturing in her “something’s-not-right-here” pose, and she was pointing toward the window over the kitchen sink. I thought someone was coming to the door, but there was no one around when I looked outside. Again, “bffff! bffffff! bfffffffff!” a little more adamantly. Then the full-out barking started; this is coupled with her running in and out of the room, racing around the family room then back into the kitchen and throwing a loud YAP in the direction of the problem. This repeats over and over. I thought the poor puppy was losing her mind – and then I saw IT. The offending bottle that didn’t belong on the kitchen counter, just sitting there, bold as you please.

I put the bottle away and all was golden again. She took one look at the counter top, looked at me, and trotted proudly out of the room as if to say, “There! That’s done! Everything’s as it should be.”

This happens with lots of different things – a chair that’s out of place, s Swiffer left in the kitchen instead of in the laundry room – you get the idea.

Today was something a little unique, though. Usually if we’re going to watch a DVD, we turn the TV on right away. But today, the DVD was put into the player, which made its usual whirring sound, without the TV being turned on. Daisy was walking past and, hearing the whirring sound, glanced over her shoulder at the TV (yes, she does actually watch TV with us for short periods sometimes), where she saw and heard nothing.

This perturbed her.

She started into her “something’s-out-of-place” routine, taking small steps backward, eyes fastened on the TV, ears sharply raised, tail high. Then the bfffing started. “Something’s wrong here and I must fix it!” she seemed to be saying. And then came the barking, only she didn’t run around this time – she laid down on the floor and just started barking at the dark TV. I watched this for a while, then put it to the test – I turned on the TV and sure enough the barking stopped immediately. All was right with the world once again.

Apparently it is the Havachon Law that there must be Order.

5 responses to “Out of Place – Havachon Law and Order

  1. I love the close-mouthed bark! I so know what you’re talking about there:) Nice post; you write well!

  2. Judy says:

    That is too funny! LOL Maybe Daisy could teach Tiffy a couple of things…She leaves her toys all over the house and bed. Imagine waking up and finding a tennis ball of hers underneath you! I would love for Daisy to teach my messy puppy how to straighten up her act:)

  3. […] in another post when I said that Daisy is very leery of things that don’t belong or are out of place? Well, […]

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