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Polka-Dot Puppy – What Are Those Spots?

on October 4, 2010

Freckles! There are freckles on Daisy’s tummy…and they’re multiplying!

Let's play another game of connect-the-dots!

When we first brought Daisy home, we noticed a few light freckles on her tummy, but as the months have gone by, they’ve turned dark and multiplied. She loves when we play connect-the-dots with her tummy freckles! Still,this was at the top of the list of questions I had to ask the vet, but he must have read my mind.

“Oh, we have freckles on our tummy!” he said, as he examined her. “These are nothing to worry about. They’re perfectly normal. She probably has some under her fur too.”

Actually, the skin under her white fur is pink, and the skin under her gray/black fur is dark. But she does have one dark freckle under a patch of white fur, which doesn’t really show through unless she’s soaking wet.

I once had a dog with a spotted tongue – that was unusual, but also normal for her. So I looked online to find out more about these crazy spots, and I discovered that not all dark spots are simple little freckles.

A dog whose tender, light-colored tummy skin is exposed to sunlight too long can develop dark spots – since these have been caused by sun damage, they can become cancerous. Dogs whose undersides are exposed to too much sunlight should wear sunscreen to protect their tender skin, just like people.

Older dogs who suddenly develop dark blotches may have an underactive thyroid, especially if they appear in conjunction with sleeping too much or having lower than normal energy levels. Your vet can do a blood test to confirm this diagnosis.

If you see reddish-purple blotches on your dog’s tummy, get him/her to a vet immediately. These could be signs of an auto-immune disease, and it needs to be treated right away. Those discolorations are caused by bleeding capillaries.

If your dog’s spots are itchy and/or crusty and you see your doglicking or biting at them, have them checked by your vet. It could be something as simple as a skin irritation or staph infection, but it still needs to be treated.

Better safe than sorry!


3 responses to “Polka-Dot Puppy – What Are Those Spots?

  1. Judy says:

    Her freckles sound cute! Happy to hear it’s nothing serious.

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