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Vet Visit – Insanity Now, Serenity Later

on October 1, 2010

Our puppy LOVES going to the vet. I know, it’s crazy, but she seems to view it as a social event. The assistants and receptionists just adore her and make a big fuss over her every time we go, and Daisy loves them right back.They come out from behind the desk calling her name, and they crouch down so she can jump on them. When the interns hear them, they come down the hallway to play with her. It’s like a Disney movie in there. It’s so funny – the office functions actually stop for several minutes!

One very special assistant has naturally tight, curly hair, and from the first time we brought Daisy in, she has viewed Daisy as her “kindred dog spirit” because they both have such curly hair! Their personalities clicked – Daisy is the first Havachon she’s met, and she loves their sweet, friendly personality so much that she’s now planning to get one herself.

Can we go to the vet now? Please??

Daisy’s even happy to see the vet. This is our fourth monthly visit to him for her final series of shots, and he couldn’t get over the fact that she’s not afraid of him in the least and is still so happy to see him when he enters the room. She also seems to have gotten used to the vaccines; now she just wags her tail while he injects her (she’s MUCH braver than I am!), which surprised even them.

After he examines her, he holds her while we converse and ask any questions we may have. Daisy rests in his arms with an expression that says, “Look where I am! One of my favorite people is holding me!” This is such a different attitude than our last dog had – she knew every vet visit would mean a shot, and we had to drag her from the car into the building and into the office. She was a large dog, so it wasn’t easy!

When we get back home, Daisy is pretty pumped from her big social outing. She storms into the house and races around, playing with every toy she can get her teeth on like she’s got ADHD. She lunges through the air at us and bounces off of our legs, racing around like a maniac. Then the reaction to the vaccine finally takes over, and she plops down and sleeps for the rest of the evening and night.

Until the next morning.

All that sleep obviously supercharges her battery, because the next day she’s really wired. It’s all play, play, play, her radar detector is on high and she barks at every little sound she hears, and even if no one is available to play with her, she makes her own fun. Naps are few and far between.

We have an appointment to get her spayed next month. I made the appointment for a Friday so that we’ll all be here over the weekend, during the more difficult recovery days. Not looking forward to that! But Daisy’s favorite curly-haired assistant told us that she’s scheduled to spend that night at the office to monitor the post-surgical dogs, so I know Daisy will be in good hands. That’ll help me sleep!

2 responses to “Vet Visit – Insanity Now, Serenity Later

  1. tiffy40 says:

    I’m happy to hear Daisy had such a great time at the vet! You are very lucky to have such an easygoing puppy:)

  2. granny1947 says:

    hello RD…that is amazing…Jasmine hates the vet but then, she is just a big baby!

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