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Baby Gate Tales of Horror :)

on September 14, 2010

Loud noises have always scared Daisy, but her fear passes after a while (like with the whole dropping-things-in-the-kitchen fiasco when we’d just brought her home). Well, not so with the baby gate.

We’ve restricted Daisy to the family room and adjoining kitchen areas since we first brought her home – apparently you’re not supposed to give small young puppies the run of the house, according to vets and dog experts. They feel safer in smaller areas until they grow up a bit.

Anyway, during those first couple of months, we couldn’t get this baby gate to fit between the door frames properly. It was always either too tight and wouldn’t lock, or too loose and ready to fall over if you so much as whispered at it. The grooves to close it are pretty close together, but apparently we needed a half size (much like what happens with clothing sometimes: the small is too small and the medium is too large – where’s the small-and-a-half??)

So, depending on who secured the baby gate, it was either wobbly or so tight the wood door frame got dents. On one of those wobbly days, Daisy charged at the gate as I climbed over it, sliding into the bottom of it and causing it to fall over right on top of her! Though funny looking to us, she did NOT find this amusing in the least. I picked it up off her, and she ran into the family room. Not a good experience.

Another day she jumped up on it and must have sensed its wobbliness, so she backed off, sending it crashing down onto the hardwood floor. She raced away with her ears back like the devil himself was after her.

Things like this happened again and again.

None of this taught her not to jump on the gate, but they did teach her that the gate was something to fear when it wasn’t standing securely in the doorway.

Now, when I want to go out back to water the plants without taking her along, I make her sit and stay in the family room while I move the gate from the dining room/kitchen doorway to the kitchen/family room doorway. No problem there – the baby gate is in action and she doesn’t want any part of it. Her ears go back, her eyes open wide, and she moves further into the family room. When I come back in, she’s still deep in the family room, not trying to jump on or over the gate at all with a “please get that thing out of here” expression on her face.

As you can see from the picture, she has no problem with it when it’s in its usual kitchen/dining room spot!


One response to “Baby Gate Tales of Horror :)

  1. tiffy40 says:

    That’s a funny story about the baby gate. I had a built in one for my German Shepherd (kind of like a swinging gate that would latch) however, eventually the kids kept swinging on it and we had to take it down. It wouldn’t have helped Tiffy anyway, she was so small she could just go right through it:)

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