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The Dreaded Jury Duty Arriveth

on September 13, 2010


Well, they finally caught up with me. The Jury Duty police. I’ve never been called to jury duty and felt quite lucky every year as my friends and family members all groaned when they saw that thin little summons in the mail. Now it’s my turn. Yuck.

This is causing problems on top of problems for us. First of all, we can’t leave Daisy alone for 8+ hours, so DH has to work out of the house as much as possible, which he doesn’t like doing (it’s a concentration thing – too many distractions at home). But he’ll have to attend meetings in person, which hopefully won’t last more than 4 hours including travel time. Four hours is Daisy’s max. One day this week I know he has a full-day meeting, so DD will have to try to work from home. Don’t know if that’ll be approved or not. What a nuisance.

Second, I’m a freelance journalist who works from home (no corporate job where they have to let you have the time off), so now I’ll have to work nights and weekends to stay on top of articles, columns, web writing, and, of course, this blog! (This is my one piece of personal writing and I really enjoy it, it’s kind of like the intermezzo sorbet that cleanses my writing palate. Yes I was a restaurant reviewer as well!) Working nights will be tough because I’ll have to give up family time. Working weekends is nearly impossible because all of our weekends for September and October are totally taken with social engagements – and I’m NOT giving those up!!!!

And unless any of the people I’ll need to interview live in another country or clear across the US, it won’t be possible for me to contact them during business hours. Lovely, just lovely. 😦

Well, dear blog friends, I guess we’ll just have to do the best we can do and pray that I get called the first day and that the attorneys find me utterly unacceptable. Then it’ll all be over. DD feels that there should be an exception made for people who tend to their pets full time, just like there’s an exception for parents who stay home with their under 18 kids full-time. At this point I’m not willing to have another baby just to get off jury duty for the next 18 years, though….. LOL!

And then I listen to BBC news and I hear about the horrible suffering around the world and I feel pretty darned ashamed of myself for griping so much about this relatively small inconvenience to my life. Perspective.

UPDATE! I called the recorded message last night and found out that I don’t have to report to Jury Duty this morning – I’m on call! If I’m on call tomorrow as well or if they miraculously pick a jury from this first 130 people they’re calling in today, then my obligation is DONE for the next 3 years. Fingers crossed!!!!

2 responses to “The Dreaded Jury Duty Arriveth

  1. tiffy40 says:

    Yikes! Jury Duty:( I hope for your sake they don’t call you! I’m fortunate enough to belong to the “stay at home with the 18 and under crowd”, therefore avoiding capture by the “Jury Duty Letter”! Maybe by the time my youngest is 18 they will have a stipulation for stay at home dog parents…we can only hope:)

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