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Regression and Progression

on September 9, 2010

Boy, did we get a dose of it. That awful, frustrating thing that happens to some dogs – regression. Ugh.

I've been a baaad puppy.....

A couple weeks ago, Daisy suddenly started having accidents in the house off her wee-wee pad. But the weird thing is that it was only in the morning, not during the rest of the day.

Once the first week of housebreaking training passed, she was 90% accurate. After the second week, she was 100%…until this. All of a sudden out of nowhere she started just going wherever she wanted to in the morning. It’s not like she’s bursting and can’t make it to the pad, she says her “hellos” and wanders around and while DD is putting Daisy’s breakfast in her bowl….it happens.

The experts all say this isn’t unusual and to just start retraining all over again, so even though it’s not a complete regression, we went “back to basics” and watched her like she was the last morsel at a beggar’s banquet. If we saw signs of impending poop, we picked her up and put her on the pad. If she peed off-pad, she was put in the “naughty room” (aka laundry room). And if she somehow pooped without us seeing it, we scooped it up and dropped it openly on the pad, saying “Poop on potty” over and over while she watched intently. We must have sounded like lunatics; thank God we’re not in an apartment or a duplex!

It was one frustrating week, but thankfully it’s passed.

They say regression can happen if a new puppy or new family member is brought into a home where another dog already lives, but we certainly didn’t do that. She hasn’t been in a kennel (we’re so dreading that) , wasn’t being left alone too much,and if she was trying to claim leadership status, it certainly failed.

She’s back on track now and along with that, we’re seeing some other signs of maturing as well. She listens better, even when tempted by a fallen bit of food or tempting object. If we say “no”, she backs right off and just stares at the temption.  If she tries to nip playfully and we say “no bite”, she just licks us like crazy.

SO glad to have that behind us, that was one frustrating week!


One response to “Regression and Progression

  1. tiffy40 says:

    Set backs do occur in the training process, just keep moving forward with a smile:) I know Tiffy has regressed at times and it can be frustrating but they “get it” eventually! Thank goodness!

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