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The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

Seeking Mischief….

on September 2, 2010

anywhere she can! Sometimes we can see her plotting, standing in the middle of the room with her ears at attention, looking from one thing to another and figuring out if there’s a way to cause mayhem. Other times it just comes out of the blue, when we least expect it – the “sneak attack”.

This little pup would have been perfect in the black ops. 😉


Hey! I'm over here! Play with me!

The 007. A quiet, relaxing evening at home. A little reading, a little conversation, a little cocoa. An occasional cricket breaks the silence of the warm summer evening outside. Nervana. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a maniacally loud crunching, crashing sound shatters our contentment, and everyone jumps up at once to find the source of this chaos.

Within these few seconds, a slamming sound is underscored by frantic, high-pitched barking and the sound of racing claws on a hardwood floor. We all converge on the kitchen – nearly knocking each over in the process – in time to witness the latest puppy phenomenon – the discovery by a 5 month old puppy of a common housefly. “Unplug the computer! She’ll pull the cord!” one person shouts. “She’s knocking over the garbage can!” another screams. And so it goes.

Mission Impossible. “Daisy! No! Naughty!” [Fill in the blank as to what rule she broke this time…] And the chase is on. As soon as she knows she’s done wrong, she studies us intently as if trying to gauge by our eyes just how much trouble she’s actually in and what we’re going to do about it. But…take one step toward her and she starts racing like a demon around and around the room, slipping through narrow openings between pieces of furniture, around the coffee table – wherever her little legs can take her. How does a small dog get up so much speed??!!? It’s absolutely impossible to catch her when she’s in this frenzied state. Crazy Daisy.

Rambo 2000. The family’s busy. Occupied. Now’s my chance. They’re on that side of the room, they can’t see me in this little nook. Now, let’s see…. So there we are happily enjoying the evening, when suddenly we hear it – BANG BANG BANG! What the heck?? We remain still and listen closely. BANG BANG!

We run to the window, stepping over the innocent-looking (emphasis on “looking”) puppy lying in a recessed nook by a carved wood blanket chest. Nothing’s amiss outside, so we shrug it off and go back to our evening. BANG BANG BANG! It’s not coming from outside, it’s coming from in here. There’s only one potentially guilty party among us. I quietly look over the edge of  the sofa, and there it is — Daisy is playing with the heavy metal handle on the side of the blanket chest and as she licks it, it lifts up and bangs back down into the side of the chest. Now that she knows that’s unacceptable, she uses it on occasion to get our attention. Shrewd puppy.

Can’t wait to see what new little antics she’ll come up with over time!

2 responses to “Seeking Mischief….

  1. granny1947 says:

    Hello RD…your life would be so dull without that precious bundle of joy!

  2. tiffy40 says:

    Daisy sure provides a lot of excitement! She’s a very curious puppy:)

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