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Daisy’s “Nutty” Squirrel Buddy

on August 26, 2010

(Sorry for the pun in the title, I just couldn’t resist!)

Our back yard is filled with squirrels, rabbits, and birds – many more birds since we put up a bird feeder – and Daisy seems to delight in  watching their antics from her Window on the World; it’s like having her own TV set that’s always tuned to the Nature Channel.

All’s golden, except when it comes to one particular squirrel who just loves to taunt Daisy. Either that or he’s overly curious…and we know what curiosity did to the proverbial cat!

Daisy enjoys assuming her “sphinx” pose in front of the sliding glass doors in our kitchen, watching the world of nature flitting through the yard and listening to all the lovely tweets and twitters (the REAL kind, not the cyber kind!). This keeps her wonderfully (and quietly) occupied and gives me a chance to get some work done undisturbed….until that squirrel zeroes in on her for his daily taunt.

I know what’s coming even before the first shrill yap – that particularly deafening shriek reserved for such outwardly bold offenders – because it’s preceded by frantically scraping nails on the hardwood floor (::shudder::) as Daisy scrambles to her feet, every muscle tight, ears starchly erect. That’s followed by the inevitable sound of nails clawing at glass, which is only somewhat overridden by the now streaming shrieks that completely blot out my yells of “QUIET!! NO!!”

Good thing we don’t live in an apartment.

This brazen squirrel no longer runs from these insane barks, I guess he’s learned that she can’t harm him. It’s like a Garfield-and-the-spider comic strip watching him look at her, trot up to the window, staring her in the face while she freaks out beyond control, and then taking his sweet time moving away casually as if to say, “HAH! All this is mine, I can go where I please. YOU have to stay in THERE. Nah-nah-nahnah-nah!” All that’s missing is the mocking raspberry.

I hope to get a picture of the squirrel sitting up on the outdoor table in front of the door, staring Daisy in the eye….it’s like watching a bad Western….

The offender approaches for his daily taunt....

The Confrontation: dog and squirrel face-off

Nah-nah you can't catch me!

Where you going? We just got started!

3 responses to “Daisy’s “Nutty” Squirrel Buddy

  1. granny1947 says:

    I commented and then it was gone…guess it is time got me to go home…the brain is tired!
    Your photos are awesome.
    Now I can’t figure out how to add you to my blogroll…sigh.

  2. puppiesnews says:

    Thanks for sharing, your story made me laugh! We have some equally brazen squirrels who love to torment my dogs too – who needs tv when you can watch a live show?!


  3. […] I’ll get you!”  I wonder if our Sammy the Squirrel is somehow related to our friend Daisy’s squirrel.  A while back she blogged about a similar standoff outside her back door.  You can read about […]

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