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Our Little Linus

on August 23, 2010

Me and my blanket, my blanket and me.....

We all know Linus, the smarter-than-his-age character from the Peanuts series who always carries his security blanket around. Well, we seem to have a miniature Linus here too – this is a picture of Daisy in “Linus mode” with her blanket buddy. (She doesn’t go through “withdrawal” when we wash it like Linus did, though!)

This blanket has been with her since shortly after her birth. The person we got her from gave it to us so Daisy (not her name then, they had called her “Princess”) would have something familiar with her in her new home.

Daisy would play with her little pink blanket with the happy pink hearts several times during the day, but over the past month or so, she’s become so attached to it! It may not be with her every second of her day, but she does carry it around a lot and cuddles up with it every night and during her daily naps. If we pick it up and move it, she’s with us in a flash, ears alert, and the hawk-like radar turned ON. “Where are you taking my blankey? What are you doing with it? Give it back!” she seems to say.

The odd thing is that with all the “tough” toys she’s destroyed in a matter of days, she still hasn’t ripped through that blanket! She chews it occasionally, but never rips at it.

Puppies sure are interesting…..

One response to “Our Little Linus

  1. Judy says:

    That’s cute! What a cozy pink blanket she has! I love Linus on the “Peanuts”!!

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