Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven

The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

The Fake-out

on August 17, 2010

Did I mention that Havachons are smart? Maybe even a bit TOO smart??

"What nip? It was just a yawn!"

Since she’s still only a young puppy, Daisy LOVES to teeth on anything she can

get her jaws around…including our fingers. She’s got plenty of toys and teething bones, but apparently our fingers are positively irresistible when she’s enjoying some bonding time in our arms.

Here’s her little fake-out trick: she’s happily licking our fingers, enjoying the attention and love she’s being showered with, when all of a sudden she gently – very gently – opens her mouth and lightly settles her teeth on a finger, freezing in place and sneaking a look at us with only her eyes, without moving her head. She’d have made a great secret agent.

If we don’t tell her “no”, she’ll take a couple of very light nibbles, barely touching the finger with her teeth, then freezes in place again. If she gets away with that, she applies a little more pressure until we finally tell her to stop. It’s at that point that she employs “The Fake-Out” – she fakes a mini-yawn that wouldn’t fool anyone, as if to say, “I’m not biting, I’m just yawning and your finger happened to get in my way! You misunderstood my intentions!”

Or she’ll follow the nip by a licking session, with her big brown eyes focused on ours in feigned innocence, as if kisses erase the memory of a nip.

To that I can only say, “Yeahhhhh, right.”

One response to “The Fake-out

  1. tiffy40 says:

    Daisy has quite the personality and smart too, maybe she should be a secret agent. I taught Tiffy “no bite” when she was a puppy and if you say that to her, she will lick you. It’s pretty funny to watch and helpful as well. She does have some pretty sharp teeth:)

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