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A Year of “Firsts”

on August 10, 2010

One of my favorite things about having a new puppy is that year of “firsts” – where everything you introduce them to is a first-time affair, and their reactions are just SO cute!

Discovery of Self – Daisy’s first little bark shocked her so much, she didn’t do it again for a few weeks! And even then it was only used sparsely. We were worried about it then (like over-anxious parents tend to do)….we’d like to have it back now!

And it took her a few months to realize she could use her nose for discovery….that’s when she started becoming a “real dog” LOL!

And the classic: let’s see if I can put this tactfully – when she first heard (and probably felt) a squeaky sound emanating from her hind quarters – she raced away from it with her tail under, then fearfully turned her head around to see if this strange sound-creature was following her! To this day, those occasional squeaks she emits still make her perk up her ears and scramble to find the culprit.

Animal Kingdom – When Daisy first discovered squirrels, chipmunks, and birds, she was only 3 months old and looked shocked to see something running around that was even smaller than she was! She stared at them through the sliding glass door and paced them across the length of it, sniffing at the wall when it continued beyond her view.

Face to Face with Technology – Discovering dogs on TV that she can’t reach, but she sure can bark at them! Sometimes different colors (especially red) and movements really get her attention, and she’ll watch TV for 1-2 minutes. One day I wasn’t feeling well and had a DVD in, and after a while Daisy got annoyed that the TV was getting more attention than her, so she glared at the characters and started growling! And it seems some people set her off – a still close-up shot of Geoffrey Palmer on sets off a growling spree you wouldn’t believe!

Unfamiliar Sounds – I really wonder how some of the different sounds she hears translate through puppy ears. If we make a long rolling “r” sound, she looks at us and then at the ceiling and around the room as the sound bounces off surfaces, trying to figure out why it’s coming from so many places. But then she ends up looking worried and wants reassuring tenderness. What could that be triggering in her head?

And whistling – oh, that’s a fun one! When we whistle she tilts her head back and forth to such extremes, you’d think she’d need a chiropractor!  And the list goes on. Any new sound sets off an adorable look of curiosity and reactions from growling to posturing to barking to head tilting or even a call to grab a toy and charge!

New “firsts” are happening all the time as this first year of Daisy’s life progresses – it’s such a precious time!

4 responses to “A Year of “Firsts”

  1. Judy says:

    It’s so much fun to have a new puppy and so comical how they react to different things. Tiffy didn’t bark at all in the beginning too and the first time she barked was at some buffalo on T.V. It must be very interesting to Daisy discovering different sights, sounds and smells every day. She looks so tiny in the first picture. Is that when you first got her?

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Yes, that was our first day home with her – 2-1/2 pounds and 2-1/2 months old. She fit in the palm of my husband’s hand and was so tiny and fragile that we were almost afraid of breaking her! Now, at 4 months old and almost 6 pounds, she’s more like a “real dog” LOL!

  2. lackingfunds says:

    This is a REALLY cute pic! I never thought about all those things puppies don’t know about when they’re really young, especially when they’re separated from their mother. What a fun time for both of you!

  3. […] “first”‘ for Daisy in her young life – she had her first nightmare during one of her many daytime naps […]

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