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Kennel Club for Hybrid/Designer Dogs like us!

on August 9, 2010

Specialty kennel clubs aren’t just for purebreeds anymore!! Now Designer Dogs – also called Hybrid Dogs – can be part of an exclusive organization too (they should be, they cost at least as much as purebreeds)!

Designer Dogs Kennel Club (http://www.ddkc.org/designerdogskennelclub.html) is open to over 500 breeds of hybrid designer dogs. This appears to be a new organization, and it sounds like more stuff is in the works. Their site says that they’ll have education and other events in the future.  The breeds now being accepted are listed on their website, so you can see if your dog is there.

There are some pretty strict rules for confirming each designer dog’s heritage, and right now it seems like it’s mainly a way for breeders to certify that their litters are the pure hybrids they claim them to be, but there may be more to it because they do discuss ways to register a single puppy or dog. It’s only a couple of years old and the website seems pretty new, so you may have to contact them to find out more. But if you’re in the market for a hybrid dog, this seems like a good way to be sure you’re choosing a registered breeder.

And mixed breeds also have their own special club too, the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America (http://mbdca.tripod.com/). Looks like they’ve been around for at least several years. I have a special love for mixed breeds – our last dog was a shelter dog and was a shepherd/collie/husky mix, and she was just the sweetest, nicest pet around.

The MBDCA gives mixed breed dogs the opportunity to show off their many inherited skills in various competitions; they’re even attempting to arrange for mixed breed dogs to compete in some AKC events!

One response to “Kennel Club for Hybrid/Designer Dogs like us!

  1. Judy says:

    That’s great information! I’ll pass it on to my friend who has one mixed breed dog!

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