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Another Little Quirk

on August 6, 2010

This silly puppy can’t figure out where onion skins are going when I peel them straight into the garbage! She sees us throw stuff away all the time, with no interest from her at all.

You talkin' 'bout ME??

We cut the innards of peppers right into the garbage…nothing.

We shell peas and throw the shells into the garbage…nada.

We shuck corn over the garbage…zip.

We even peel garlic over the garbage, which kinda looks like peeling an onion…zilch.

She watches us do all of this, with no reaction whatsoever.

But for some reason when it comes to onions, she comes charging into the kitchen and stands at attention, watching those skins fall, her head going from onion to floor, awaiting what she thinks is its inevitable fall into her territory. If she understands that none of these other things are going onto the floor, what on earth is it about onions that sets them apart??

Quirky little puppy! 🙂

2 responses to “Another Little Quirk

  1. tiffy40 says:

    This is just a guess, but maybe it’s because onion skins crinkle or the smell of the onion gets her attention… Do you think that’s possible? Cute picture:)

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Good thought – that could very well be the case. Maybe it sounds similar to the foil wrap and plastic wrap…in doggie ears….

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