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An “Edgy” Sort of Puppy…

on August 5, 2010

We’ve trained Daisy to use the wee-wee pad as well as to go outdoors because we know we’re going to hate the idea of taking her out in the rain, especially in cold weather. She’s completely consistent with both, so we feel like we have the best of both worlds in that area. But boy, does she do some funny things when it comes to the wee-wee pad…..

For one thing, she only uses the extreme corner edges of the pad. Rarely anything in the big, open center; instead, she goes to a corner edge and piddles there. Sometimes she saves up enough to go twice, but she always walks to another corner to do more. See what I mean by “edgy”? And although her instincts tell her to sniff her pee, she does so with great distaste. It’s like Nature forces her to do this, but she takes two short sniffs and then backs off with her ears up and a look of disgust, as if to say, “That did NOT come from me!”

Yesterday she brought one of her toys onto a clean pad with her and dropped it in a corner. The pad has a special “housing” it sits in- a hard plastic surface with three low walls. After taking care of business in a different corner, she wandered off the pad without her toy. Realizing her forgetfulness, she went back to the pad and stood at the edge where she’d piddled. Instead of walking around the piddle, which only took up a small area, she approached it and then backed off, ears at attention, clearly trying to figure out how to get around this moist mess of hers.

She took a step into it, then backed off like she just couldn’t bring herself to walk on her own water, even for one of her favorite toys. She stared at it a bit longer, then suddenly decided to take the plunge – the toy simply must be rescued. She put both front paws into the piddle spot, then lifted both back legs into the air until she was in a handstand position, and took a couple steps that way toward the toy! She lost her balance, though, and landed in the dreaded piddle-spot with her back feet. She rescued the toy, but little did she expect that in the next second, she’d be whisked away to her tub for an impromptu foot bath to get any residual piddle off her. That plan sure did backfire on her!

Oh yeah, and when she’s bored and has nothing better to do, she loves to sniff around the edges of each room, inch by inch, corner to corner….that’s one “edgy” dog!


One response to “An “Edgy” Sort of Puppy…

  1. Judy says:

    I love the expression on her face! It says “You can’t honestly believe “I” did “that”! It’s so cute. She looks like she’s trying to act innocent:)

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