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Little Miss Muchness

on August 4, 2010

Remember in the recent 3D Alice in Wonderland movie, when the Mad Hatter says to Alice, “You’ve lost your muchness”, and she later proves that she’s still got all the muchness she ever had? Well, that’s where Daisy’s nickname Little Miss Muchness came from. Everybody’s always saying that she’s just TOO cute, TOO sweet, TOO funny, TOO everything – sometimes they say she’s “painfully cute” or just “TOO much” – which definitely proves her “muchness” to us! LOL 🙂 (And one day she’ll grow up to be a TOO adorable dog like her blogging buddy Tiffy!)

Little Miss Muchness

One response to “Little Miss Muchness

  1. Judy says:

    Tiffy says thank you for the compliment! I don’t remember Alice in Wonderland all that well, I’ll have to watch it again! But I do know that sometimes “especially with her tennis balls” Tiffy can be “Too Much” as well:) I love the nickname “Little Miss Muchness”!

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