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Those Dark Chocolate Moments….

on August 2, 2010

We all have those perfect moments of contentment – those times when we’re doing what we love best in the setting we love most. For me, it’s dark chocolate or good hot cocoa and a really good book, cuddled up at home during a snowfall. Well, practically any enjoyable family activity at home during a snowfall is heaven to me, mostly because I LOVE snow and that quiet, cozy feeling it generates when you’re safe at home.

Daisy has her “dark chocolate and good book” moments too, only for her it’s “tummy rubbing while chewing her ear”. Yes, when she’s lying upside-down on our laps getting a tummy rub and she’s feeling really content, she manages to get the end of her ear in her mouth and lightly plays with it. The minute the rub stops, the chewing stops.

Hey, whatever floats your boat!

2 responses to “Those Dark Chocolate Moments….

  1. tiffy40 says:

    She looks so comfortable! I like the idea of a good book and dark chocolate but “Snow”? Maybe sitting in front of a warm fireplace:)

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Yeah, what can I say, we’re snow lovers! 🙂

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