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The Lure of the Forbidden Zone….

on July 21, 2010

Stuck in the Forbidden Zone

Daisy has always loved being in small, confined places, so she found the small gap between the sofa and love seat in our family room very tempting. I wouldn’t have minded her squeezing in there and staking a claim to the area under the end table, except for the fact that the lamp wire is back there, and I knew she’d go for it.

I put a footstool in that corner with one of legs blocking the gap and a tall pillow on top of that to keep her from climbing over the footstool. That worked for 2 months, but one day at 4 months old, her engineering skills kicked in and unbeknownst to us, she figured out that she can push the offending leg out of the way and squeeze back there.

We keep her limited to the kitchen and family room so I was completely befuddled one morning when I suddenly couldn’t find her. I called her and called her and finally I heard this tiny little whimper – she had moved the footstool leg and squeezed herself through that little gap, but couldn’t manage to squeeze back out! She looked so pathetic that I had to take a picture of her. It’s a little blurry because I was laughing so hard!

To stop her from doing this again, I jammed a large old sheet underneath the footstool, but she then discovered that she could climb up onto the footstool and use the pillow as a ramp onto the sofa, where she’s not allowed even though we’ve covered the seats with sheets so she doesn’t claw them to pieces. One morning we found her sitting proudly on the sofa with a combined look of “I made it into the forbidden zone!” along with “I know I’m in trouble now”. It’s really hard to discipline puppies when they keep making us laugh! She stayed there just long enough to show us she could do it, then walked back down the pillow-ramp. This weekend we built an immovable wedge to fill the gap, which is frustrating her to no end. She keeps walking up to it and yapping at it, then grumbles as she walks away. Gotta love those puppy antics!

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