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A Snowy Easter Surprise

Tuesday morning, just a few days before Easter, we woke up to another snowfall!

During one of my slow strolls outdoors over the previous weekend, this was what our daffodil patch looked like:

Happy spring daffodils in our front yard.

Happy spring daffodils in our front yard.

And here it is Tuesday morning:

Unhappy frozen daffodils.

Unhappy frozen daffodils.

Kind of hard to believe those pics are only a few days apart!

It seems so incongruous to see spring buds on a frozen tree:

spring snow 4.14 2

Now, I know most people here in the northeast are talking about how tired they are of all the snow we’ve had this winter, but I’m not one of them. As all my blog buddies know, I LOVE snow and would live in a year-round autumn-winter climate if there was one – with, of course, an annual 3-month break for spring to plant my gardens and give the trees enough leaves so they could change color and fall again! I could do without summer altogether. (Don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me!)

I discovered that I can’t take walks around my yard anymore because the other day, my heel hit a slight depression in the grass, which normally I wouldn’t even have noticed. But with my back still so sensitive, it felt like a bolt of lightning went through my lower spine. That set me back a bit pain-wise; then that evening I sneezed twice, which caused the pain to skyrocket. Apparently more muscles in the body contract during a sneeze than I realized!

So I’m back indoors now (which is fine, Friday was a whole 39 degrees!) and will attempt another venture outdoors this week – but this time, I’ll only walk on even sidewalk surfaces! And of course, my little sweetie will come with me…if I can pry her off my floor bed!

Daisy, cozy in my floor blankets, with the Guilty Gate behind her.

Daisy, cozy in my floor blankets, with the Guilty Gate behind her.


Down But Not Out….Completely….

First of all, thank you to everyone who has expressed concern over our absence in the blogosphere. We missed everyone and it’s so nice to know that our wonderful little community here cares so much.

Originally I knew I wouldn’t be able to blog for a couple of weeks due to another sudden influx of work – that’s one thing about freelancing, you never know when every client you have is going to dump projects on you simultaneously.

Well, that went fine, I just worked around the clock to get everything done on time. But The Big One was yet to come.

Ever since Daisy tore her ACL and meniscus, we’ve tried to prevent her from jumping on sofas and chairs, and especially off them because of the impact to her body. The surgeon and vet both told us that any dog who has this sort of injury is very likely to have it happen again. In fact, the vet who was on call the night after Daisy came home told us that her small dog did have this injury twice and that we should expect it if she continues to do the same thing that caused the injury.

So we put up a baby gate between the kitchen and family room to stop her from jumping on the sofas. When we’re going to be in there, we pick her up for cuddles and lift her off again when we leave. She’s managed to slip through our vigilant precautions a couple of times, but with the gate up, her evil little plans are thwarted. ;) We keep all kitchen and dining room chairs tucked under the table or tilted against the table to make them inaccessible, and we have all kinds of stuff blocking the living room sofa and chairs. We’ve even blocked off the space under our beds to stop her from army-crawling underneath in case she hurts herself under there – how could we ever reach her?

Anyway, several days ago Daisy was extremely naughty. After taking her for her morning walk/run, she was eating her breakfast in the kitchen and I was in the family room with the gate up between us. I looked up and suddenly saw her in Poop Position! I screamed, “NO DAISY!” and ran to get her. In my wild Olympic-style hurdle of the gate, my back foot caught on the top of the gate and the gate, which wasn’t firmly in place, came along with me. I couldn’t catch my balance because the gate was stuck on my foot; I knew I was going down.

But on my wild flight, my back must have arched suddenly and I heard a loud CRACK and felt a tremendous pain in my lower back. I hit the floor and a searing pain shot across my lower back relentlessly. I was just like that annoying commercial – I’d fallen and I couldn’t get up.

Naturally, I was alone in the house. It was early in the morning but DH was already out and DD was away for the weekend. Of course!

Fortunately, I’d landed next to the kitchen chair where my purse was and I was able to tilt the purse so my cell phone fell out. I called DH, who was only 10 minutes away, and he came charging home like a knight in shining armor. He’s a strong guy, very muscular, and was able to slo-o-owly lift my 110 lb. body off the floor. It was extremely painful. Since I couldn’t walk, sit, or lie in a way that lessened the pain, he insisted we call the paramedics to take me to the hospital, which scared me to death. I hate hospitals and I hate needles even more, and I was so sure I’d need back surgery.

But he was right, he had to call the paramedics. Out came the police, followed about 10 minutes later by the paramedics. Now, you have to understand that I’m more of a private person and don’t like to be the center of attention, so this was NOT a good situation for me. But the paramedics and police were SO incredibly nice, it really helped me deal with the situation.

So there I was, on our first gorgeous spring day, strapped to a board, choked by a neck brace, and tied to the stretcher like a mummy.

AND I HADN’T HAD MY MORNING SHOWER YET. I looked like a wreck! I think my embarrassment level equaled my pain level!

Anyway, during my 4-hour ER stay, they did x-rays and other tests and determined that, thank God, my spine and spinal cord weren’t affected and the cracking sound was most likely two or three vertebrae crunching together from the abnormal backward arching, but fortunately they didn’t get damaged. The upshot was that it’s a back sprain and will take 2-3 months to heal completely. Yes, MONTHS. Ack!! They also said if I didn’t have any improvement in 2-3 days, I needed to see an orthopedic doctor for an MRI. Fortunately we happen to have a good one who operated on DH’s shoulder last year.

But I am seeing improvements. I’m still extremely limited and can’t go out. I just stopped taking the pain killers and anti-inflammatories today, so maybe I’ll come out of this legal-drug-induced stupor. These meds have me sleeping most of the day and dopey the rest. Ugh.

Daisy keeps gazing at me from afar with big soulful eyes. It’s not her fault that her mommy was stupid enough to vault the gate (though I’ve been doing it ever since her surgery without incident, but I guess it was just a matter of time before one of us took a header).

So DD and DH are taking turns working from home to babysit me. DH has to lower me to the floor for my naps and lift me back up again. Believe me, I appreciate to no end how much my little family is pitching in to help me, but I’m an independent sort, so I’m anxious to do things on my own again. And that’s what they’re most worried about – that I might try to do too much too soon.

Then I got to thinking that we’ve had quite a run within a year’s time: first DH had his shoulder surgery, then Daisy had her ACL/meniscus surgery, and now I had this accident – poor DD is worried that she’s next!

And that, my dear blog friends, is my sad tale of woe. I’m now off for my first 3-hour nap of the day – I can’t wait for these meds to wear off!

Hope you’re all having a better spring than I am! :)


This Olympian Should Win A Medal In Humanity

I’m not a sports lover, so I’m not one for watching the Olympics (don’t throw rotten fruit at me!!); in recent years I’ve become disgusted by the inhumanity some countries embrace just to make their streets look better for the cameras and tourists, not to mention attracting new business.

From China bulldozing generations-old family huts and leaving poverty-stricken families homeless – their main goal for doing this, of course, was to make things look good for reporters’ and tourists’ cameras – to Russia euthanizing thousands of homeless stray dogs with pesticides, the greed and ugliness behind the spectacle turns my stomach and turns me off. What seems to have started out all those years ago as a true athletic competition in the spirit of good sportsmanship seems to have turned a very ugly corner.

But there are bright spots – people with hearts who won’t ignore these atrocities, like the Russian billionaire who created a makeshift shelter to save those poor strays, many of which were just puppies.

And US Olympian Gus Kenworthy, a silver medalist who makes me proud to have him represent our country for far more than just his medals. Kenworthy was arranging for puppy vaccinations and trying to bring at least four puppies he found in Sochi back home with him.

One guy making a difference. Imagine that multiplied by hundreds. If only.

Gus Kenworthy takes home more than a gold medal in my opinion – he gets an unprecedented platinum medal for heart, humanity, and kindness. And that may be an understatement.

It's not those animals' faults that they're strays....

It’s not those animals’ faults that they’re strays….

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Daisy, the Ice Princess

And so it came about a week ago, just as predicted – a snow storm followed by an ice storm. I think the winter of 2014 is making up for all those years that we haven’t had a proper winter!

MORE snow?? Wow, we've had more snow this year than I've seen in my entire 3 years! :)

MORE snow is on its way?? Wow, we’ve had more snow this year than I’ve seen in my entire 3 years!

Daisy was kept very busy inside, sounding off her doggy-alarm every time a chunk of ice or snow fell off the roof and smashed onto the ground. To be fair, the ice and snow are so heavy that they did sound like they were ripping off part of the house.

AND NOW WE’RE GETTING ANOTHER SNOW/ICE STORM TODAY INTO TOMORROW – our sixth this winter! Right on top of the many, many inches of snow still on the ground! This is the storm that crippled Atlanta, Georgia yesterday. With the high winds we’re getting, they’re saying this may actually be classified as a blizzard.  I’m not surprised, there are near-white-out conditions outside right now (as you can see by the lack of clarity in the photo). Here’s what I woke up to, and we have a l-o-n-g way yet to go (possibly 14″!).

Just the start of the latest snowstorm in a record-breaking snow season!

Just the start of the latest snowstorm in a record-breaking snow season!

So what’s the best thing for a chilly puppy to do after using up so much energy protecting us from all that falling ice and running through the snow outside?

Find the puppy!

Find the puppy!

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Here We Go Again…..

The last batch of snow is still on the ground, and yesterday we got another big blast! Another foot of snow came down – it snowed for 12 hours straight, from around 5 AM through 5 PM. But it was a gorgeous snowfall – tons of flakes gently making their way straight down with no wind. Just making everything look beautiful.

I love that very special quiet that comes with a good snowfall, and how pristine everything looks. No cars moving, no outdoor garden equipment blaring, and everything is unified by a sparkling blanket of white. It’s exquisite.

Early morning light kissing the snow-topped trees in our back yard. Just breathtaking!

Early morning light kissing the snow-topped trees in our back yard. Just breathtaking!

Even our house was decorated in a sparkling icy fringe:

Mother Nature graced our home with crystal icicles.

Mother Nature graced our home with crystal icicles.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Daisy is staying outside longer and longer now that she’s wrapped up in her warm red puffy coat. Well, guess what? She’s starting to like the snow again! She seems to have a pattern. First she’s on Border Patrol all the way around the yard:

I must make sure our borders are secure from intruders! Oh wait, what's this? Deer tracks? Cool!

I must make sure our borders are secure from intruders! Oh wait, what’s this? Deer tracks? Cool!

Then she takes DD on a wild run, zigzagging to and fro across the yard:

Race ya back to the house!

Race ya back to the house!

Haha beat ya!

Haha beat ya!

Now that’s the kind of snow fun I love to see a dog have! :D I can’t wait to introduce her to snowballs…. Tonight we’re supposed to get more snow – anywhere from 6 to 16 inches, depending on how the storm moves. Tomorrow it gets a bit scary, though, because the storm is supposed to turn into an ice storm, making driving extremely dangerous. They’re already telling us to stay home and off the streets. I don’t mind more snow, but ice storms are another thing!


Award Appreciations!

It’s feast or famine here in Daisyville – we were honored with four awards recently!

Thank you so much to trifles for these two awards:



To Marty Manx at Musings by Marty Manx for this award:

shareloveshareboxaward from Speedy Jan 2014

And to Karel at Peace With My Life for the latest Leibster award:

Thank you ShareChair!

Karel came up with several thought-provoking questions for her nominees….let’s see what we can do with these:

  1. Where was your favorite place to live, and why?
    My favorite place to live is a place I’ve only visited – but quite frequently. It’s a small town in the mountains of PA, an old town that has the perfect combination of quaintness, community, charm, and trendiness. It’s not easy to strike the perfect balance between retaining and respecting quaint old-world charm while moving forward with modern-day trends like contemporary cafes and restaurants as well as shops in a small town like this, but they’ve done it. And the residents are so friendly and community-minded, which is what I love most. I’d find myself a little cottage by a stream where I could plant wildflowers and move there in a heartbeat if I could.
  2. What books you are currently reading?
    That’s a full question because I’m an avid reader of nonfiction. Right now I’m reading “Lady Almina and The Real Downton Abbey” (which leads to the answer about my favorite TV show!), and I have at least a dozen more books waiting in the wings.
  3. Do you think it is better to be honest or kind?
    Both. My first choice is always honesty….unless there’s nothing the other person can gain from it and kindness is just, well, kinder.
  4. If you had one day in your life to live over again, would you rather live a day in which you want to change the outcome (like to avoid a mistake) or live a day that was so terrific that you’d like to do it again?
    There’s one day in particular that I’d like to relive with the strength and knowledge I now have that I didn’t have then. My reaction to a situation would have been 180 degrees different, which would have changed and improved SO many things for the rest of my life. I often think of how I wish I could relive that moment in time.
  5. If you watch television, what is your favorite series? Yep, Downton Abbey. Hands-down favorite.
  6. What is your favorite song of all times?
    Tough question because I love so many diverse types of music. But I’d have to say that it’s equal parts “Rhapsody in Blue”, almost anything Baroque (especially if there’s a harpsichord featured), and many songs by the Rolling Stones heading the long list. See? I told you my tastes are very diverse!

I consulted Daisy about nominations, and she is in agreement that all of our blogging buddies deserve these awards, so if you’re kind enough to take the time to read this, please help yourself to any or all of the awards if you’d like them. We cherish you all!


Thursday Barks and Bytes: Warm Winter Havachon

We were shocked to discover that Daisy outgrew her winter coat! Naturally, we only found this out during the first snowstorm, so we needed a new one right away. DD and I couldn’t run out that day, so DH went on the errand.

You know what happens when you send a man out to get a girly coat? You tell him to look for something pink and cute, and he comes home with rugged red. “At least it’s not blue….red is closer to pink than blue is” – that’s DH’s male logic (sorry Will!)

I look like a log in this thing!

I look like a log in this thing!

But I have to say, this puffy red coat is really nice, and it’s rated for temps as low as five degrees….who knew we’d be at -15 this year?! It’s got a cool little pocket on the back that snaps closed, and the hood, which is nice and tight to the head, can also be snapped back off the head onto the coat to keep it off the dog’s head. And there’s a drawstring at the tail end of the coat for those blustery days too.

Ack! This hood is inescapable!

Ack! This hood is inescapable!

He also got some nice boots that go all the way up the legs, which we really needed, but unfortunately he got mediums and we needed smalls. So we made due with last year’s little booties for the time being.

....I really hate boots....

….I really hate boots….

I refuse to put my bad leg down with these things on!

I refuse to put my bad leg down with these things on! (This is not a happy Havachon moment!)

The Bulldog Stance - waiting to be de-booted.

The Bulldog Stance – waiting to be de-booted.

Daisy may not appreciate being dressed in a coat and boots, but we did notice that she stays outside longer now that she’s toasty warm in her new coat and her feet are protected from the snow. And that’s a good thing!

We’re happy to be part of the new Thursday Barks and Bytes, hosted by our friends 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like A Dog!



Dog Not Eating? It Could Be Acid Stomach!

We spent part of the holidays out of state visiting family that live 1200 miles away, and, of course, we took Daisy with us. She was quite happy spending two days each way in the car relaxing on Big Blue in the back seat snuggled up next to DD, and she only asked for water/potty breaks every 3-4 hours, so she was a good little passenger.

I'm a happy pup as long as I'm with my family...and on Big Blue!

I’m a happy pup as long as I’m with my family…and on Big Blue!

She was able to find several comfortable positions for her leg, even though she was restricted to some degree by the car harness and seat belt.

Yep, this is a good snoozing position.

Yep, this is a good snoozing position.

No one could understand how I was comfortable using the seat belt as a headrest, but I liked it!

No one could understand how I was comfortable using the seat belt as a headrest, but I liked it!

And she created her own little adventures, like when she took a ride on the luggage cart with DD:

Hey, this thing is pretty cool! What do you mean it's not made for doggies??

Hey, this thing is pretty cool! What do you mean it’s not made for doggies??

We were gone for 8 days, and for the first four days, she was fine. But by the fifth day, she was refusing to eat her normal dog food and she was throwing up a small amount of bile once a day.

We thought maybe it was the stress of travel that she wasn’t used to or maybe something strange she licked, but when we got back home, this continued. It was weird because she would go straight to her food and looked like she was interested in eating, but when she smelled it, she seemed to be repulsed by it – like she and it were opposite magnetic poles. She would sniff it two or three times as if trying to convince herself to eat, but each time, she’d pull her head back, stare at her food almost longingly, and then back away from it.

We had an appointment with the vet just a few days after returning home for another re-evaluation of her leg, so we told him what was happening with her eating.

We were shocked when he said it was most likely acid stomach that was brought on from travel! We know dogs like their routines and prefer to be in familiar surroundings, but we didn’t know that going without those two primary things for a week could cause a physical problem.

The solution was simple: one Pepcid AC tablet once a day, at the same time each day. We decided to give it to Daisy in the hour before her dinner (she was, as always, thrilled to get anything wrapped in cream cheese!). He was definitely right – she couldn’t eat her breakfast, but after the evening Pepcid, she had no trouble eating dinner. We did this for three days, and all was once again right in Daisyville. No more acid stomach.

So if your dog has been exposed to some major difference in their little world and you notice some type of gastrointestinal problem, acid stomach may be the answer. Always check with your vet first to be sure.


Timewarp Tuesday: Daisy the Havachon, Then and Now

We’re joining a fun new timewarp blog hop hosted by Easy and Mollie and Alfie - what a fun idea! Okay, so let’s let pictures speak louder than words – on with the “Then and Now Show”!

Daisy, 2.6 mos old. We took this photo the first time we saw her and immediately fell in love with her. She was a scared little puppy.

Daisy, 2.6 mos old, 2.6 pounds. We took this photo the first time we saw her and immediately fell in love with her. She was a scared little puppy.

No longer scared at quite confident, Daisy at 3 can turn on the diva in her from time to time. ;)

No longer scared and now quite confident, Daisy at 3 (14 pounds) can turn on the diva in her from time to time. ;)

Daisy still was more hair than body at 3 months of age. You'd never believe there was a skinny puppy underneath all that!

Daisy still was more hair than body at 3 months of age. You’d never believe there was a skinny puppy underneath all that!

Now we keep her hair manageably shorter, and she's become a Havachon full of curls.

Now we keep her hair manageably shorter, and she’s become a Havachon full of curls.

Daisy, 3 months old. Her mischievous side hadn't emerged yet....

Daisy, 3 months old. Her mischievous side hadn’t emerged yet….

Now, at 3 years of age, her mischievous side is in full bloom!

Now, at 3 years of age, her mischievous side is in full bloom!

Grab the button, visit our hosts’ sites, and join in the timewarp fun!



“I Don’t Like Snow!”

Hi everyone! We’re finally getting back to normal around here. The holidays were crazy hectic, and not always in a good way. DD started things off with a bad head cold, followed by me getting the flu while traveling (I’m still down and out a bit), DH is now coming down with “something”, and Daisy’s tummy has been doing some nasty things for the past two weeks.

Today we’re in the grip of those frigid temps that are plaguing much of the country. Our actual temperature this morning is 3 degrees, but the wind chill makes it feel like -17! YIKES! I guess if I have to be stuck inside anyway, this is a good time for it happen. :)

Meanwhile, we got about 8 inches of snow the other day, and Daisy didn’t want any part of it. We had her trained so well to be an indoor/outdoor dog – she’d do her “thing” outside when we took her out on normal days, but she knew to “take care of business” on the wee-wee pad inside when the weather was really bad.

Well, not anymore. This trip seems to have completely destroyed her cross-training. Now she only wants to go outside, and if she refuses to go because of the weather, she leaves us “presents” anywhere except on the wee-wee pad. We’re trying to retrain her for indoors again, but it’s not working.

Anyway, here’s what happened after the snowfall the other day. One valiant attempt that lasted all of half a minute, and it was all over. It took longer to suit her up!

I don't want to go in the snow!

I don’t want to go in the snow!

Oh okay, I'll give it a try.

Oh okay, I’ll give it a try.

Nope, that's it! I refuse! Take me back in where it's warm and dry!

Nope, that’s it! I refuse! Take me back in where it’s warm and dry!





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