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NaNoWoofMo – The Post No One Saw….

It appears that WP didn’t send out notifications when I put up my chapter of NaNoWoofMo this morning, so I’m hoping this post goes out. You can read our addition to the story HERE. We didn’t want Rocco to think we dropped the proverbial ball right in the middle of all the excitement! :)

We did add our chapter to the story, honest! ;)

We did add our chapter to the story, honest! ;)


NaNoWoofMo Time! And The Story Continues…..

It’s NaNoWoofMo time!! That’s National Novel Woofing Month, a fun time to add to a fun story created by Rocco’s House. Wanna join in? Jump on over and pick any day during November that you’d like to put your two paws into the story, there are still some openings!

If you need to catch up on the story, here’s where you can find previous sections:

1) Rocco
2) Brofur Ku
3) Hailey and Zaphod
4) Bongo
5) SwamiZoe
6) Easy

This is our first year participating, so without further barks, here’s our continuation of the story.

…I turned and ran, trying to ignore the burning in my lungs. I was nervous but somehow excited at the idea of trying to live on my own like my ancestors did. How would I eat? Were there kibble trees in the forest? Biscuit bushes?

It didn’t matter right now. I plunged headlong into the dark, dense forest; the air was cooler in here and it smelled sweeter too, almost like I’d entered another world. I dodged trees with an agility I didn’t know I still had. I soared over bushes like an Olympian. What was happening? I felt like a pup again, like my youth was being restored.

Once I could no longer see any town lights behind me, I stopped running and looked around me. My ears shot back when I heard a somewhat familiar sound…running water. Oh no, was there a human in here who had seen me and was running yet another bath for me? I looked around and was so relieved to see it was a stream – I’d seen one once on a TV show my human was watching. I went to it and sniffed carefully, then licked up some of the stream. It was refreshing and cold and I was starting to feel like I made the right decision in coming back to my roots.

I saw a thick bed of pine needles under a huge Christmas tree, and I decided to have a rest there while I figured things out. I nestled in and immediately felt a warm, happy tiredness wash over me, and I started dozing to the songs of a hundred birds.

“Hey, you’re on our turf!” a menacing growl broke my slumber.

“Who…who are you?” I looked up and thought I was looking in a mirror – this dog looked almost exactly like me.

Two more of me came up behind him…and then another…and another – what had I gotten myself into?

For the next section of this thrilling tail tale, visit Kuruk’s bloggie tomorrow at Haiku By Ku! :)

Thank you Rocco’s House for organizing this fun writing hop!


Monday Mischief: Unexpected Dinner Guests

Hi friends! Daisy here.

We had some unexpected guests visit us for dinner the other day. If you ask me, I think it’s rude to just pop in on someone for dinner. Shouldn’t they let us know they were coming so we could make sure we had enough for them to eat?

Well it turns out we had plenty for them. Just one came at first….

Proud as a peacock...er, I mean turkey....

Proud as a peacock…er, I mean turkey…. Staking a claim on his dinner plate.

Walking to and fro, surveying his buffet while nibbling.

Walking to and fro, surveying his buffet while nibbling.

Apparently Daddy had put a lot of grass seed down in the dirt patch where we had the tree removed, and Mr. Turkey discovered it. But he’s a generous old dude and shared it with his clan:

Everyone came to the table for their own pre-Thanksgiving "paleo" dinner.

Everyone came to the table for their own pre-Thanksgiving “paleo” dinner.

He must be the grandpappy of them all, because he was the biggest and his tail feathers were a gorgeous variety of patterns and colors. The white one was also incredible. Even after the rest of the team left, Grandpa stayed and ate for the better part of an hour.

Fortunately Daddy put a LOT of seed down and we still have a nice velvety covering of green on the patch. But it was fun to watch and a good excuse to bark LOUD!!!! ;)

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Daisy Investigates: What’s going on here?

DH enjoys being a DIY guy, and one of the projects he loves most is tile work. That skill has saved us a ton of money when we redid both bathrooms and the kitchen backsplash ourselves. And he’s really good at it.

So one of the reasons it’s taking weeks longer to get all our renovations done is that DH is re-flooring the foyer on weekends, which takes more time, especially since we have other, more fun things on the weekend calendar as well.

When he started it after the painting was done, he had to pull up 50-year-old mismatched, poorly repaired slate, scrape up whatever was holding them in place, and chip away at stuff with sharp, ear-splitting noises – it was that last part that was the last straw for Daisy. But instead of running away from the horrendous sound, she ran toward it and growled at it.

Mommy, did you hear this racket?

Mommy, did you hear this racket?

Look, it's coming from over here!

Look, it’s coming from over here!

He put up plastic tarps like temporary walls covering both access points to prevent as much dust as possible from coming into the rest of the house – a bit still got through, of course, and that stuff is murder to clean up. That was another thing Daisy didn’t approve of – being kept out of the area.


Hey, what's this big plastic thing doing up here?

Hey, what’s this big plastic thing doing up here?

Is that Daddy in there? Why is he hiding from me?

Is that Daddy in there? Why is he hiding from me?

Come out, Daddy! I see you in there!

Come out, Daddy! I see you in there!

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Monday Mischief: Daisy’s Corporate Takeover

Daisy has staged a corporate coup. She has taken over the president/CEO’s chair – literally.

This cushy chair is mine now, and with it I get to boss everyone around.

This cushy chair is mine now, and with it I get to boss everyone around.

Well, the chair of the head of an editing/proofreading company, Proof Positive. DD is the owner/president/CEO, and she brought her cushy office chair home for a while. When she sits in the chair to edit a manuscript, she usually brings Daisy onto the chair with her. There’s lots of space, so Daisy enjoys cuddling on DD’s lap while she works.

Did you call me? I'm in conference now!

Did you call me? I’m in conference now!

I sit on a small office chair next to DD’s, but there’s no room for Daisy. So when DD’s not home, I put Daisy on my lap, pull the big chair up against mine, and Daisy walks onto it.

I love this peep-hole - I can snoop on all my employees!

I love this peep-hole – I can snoop on all my employees!

I don’t think she plans to give it back to DD any time soon!

I don't know why people complain about going to work - this is a breeze!

I don’t know why people complain about going to work – this is a breeze!

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Daisy’s Thrilling Little Car Ride

When we take Daisy out anywhere – even if it’s relatively close by – we always secure her safely in the back seat with her car harness, and we have the car seat protected with a special dog cover. That thing is invaluable – my back seat still looks like new, even though we’ve had a muddy, wet, and/or snow-covered pup back there many times over the past four years!

Lots of time to catch up on my naps back here!

Lots of time to catch up on my naps back here!

But if I’m just pulling the car up the driveway and into the garage, I let Daisy sit in the front seat next to me. She absolutely LOVES that and has no problem transitioning back to the back seat for the next outing.

I'm a big girl! :D

I’m a big girl!



Okay Mommy, I'm ready for the thrill ride into the garage!

Okay Mommy, I’m ready for the thrill ride into the garage!

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The Great Clear-Out of 2014 – Daisy and the Flute

Since I had to empty out all the cabinets, the china closet, server, wall units, etc. for the renovations, I got the bug to start paring down.

You don’t realize how much you’ve accumulated over the years until something like this happens, and suddenly you’re faced with the reality of stacks of boxes of “stuff” and stacks upon stacks upon stacks of books. (In our defense, we’re all avid readers and research is a major part of my job, so there’s something of an excuse in there!)

But I have to admit, it was a bit of a weird feeling – you spend the first half of your life acquiring things and building up the makings of your home, then suddenly you find yourself teetering on that peak of the “other side” of life, the side where you move in the opposite direction and “deaccession” things, like museums do from time to time. It’s a weird feeling (I know I’m repeating myself, but it is!).

At first it felt positive, like I was trimming the fat and getting down to fighting weight (pardon the ridiculous cliche), then all of a sudden it felt like I was slowly closing the curtain of my life. I don’t like that feeling and it’s much too soon to feel that way, so I’m focusing on the fact that I really do prefer a simpler existence and am working toward retaining just enough to fit into that diminutive cottage I dream of living in someday.

It’ll take a while to get to that point fully, I know, but I’m working toward it.

Anyway, all psychological assessments aside, DD caught the “clear-out fever” and started going through some of her things. I guess you’re never too young to thin the herd of “stuff” that tends to accumulate.

In doing so, she came across her flute that we had bought for her in middle school. Music is in her blood; she plays lots of instruments (and was a music major at one point in college), but her true musical love was and is the French horn, which she still plays in bands, ensembles, and pit orchestras. When she found her flute during her clear-out, she decided it was the one and only instrument she no longer wanted to keep.

After cleaning it up, she tested it by playing it. This interested Daisy enormously, since she hadn’t heard the flute being played before. She immediately went into Investigation Mode – cautiously at first, then in full-on Daisy Mode.

The "head-tilting curiosity" mode.

The “head-tilting curiosity” mode.

"Investigation Mode" begins....

“Investigation Mode” begins….

Hmmmm....are you making it sing like that?

Hmmmm….are you making it sing like that?

Investigation Mode intensifies....

Investigation Mode intensifies….

My, aren't you the tall one!

My, aren’t you the tall one!

Challenge accepted! Begin "Daisy Mode"...

Challenge accepted! Begin “Daisy Mode”…

Full-on Daisy Mode! You're mine!!

Full-on Daisy Mode! You’re mine!!

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Oh No! Invaders!

Hi blog buddies, Daisy here, commandeering the blog from Mommy, who has been very negligent about blogging for me. She says that between all the work she’s had lately, the renovations on our house, and looking for new furniture/window treatments/pictures for the walls, the weeks keep slipping by without a new blog going up or reading most of our blog buddies’ blogs.

I say she’s got her priorities wrong.

Anyway, “those people” are invading my house again. I’m sure you’ve all had these invaders around at some time – those guys with tools who go poking around in places my family never pokes around in. All over the house. Everywhere.

The first people were particularly annoying guys because they went into every room. And they made my family turn our house upside down.

My family calls them “electricians”, and apparently they were upgrading the entire house because our fuse box and wiring were so outdated, we were told that we were “sitting on top of a fire”. I don’t know what that means, but by the panicky look on Mommy’s face, I assume it’s not a good thing.

Our fuse box was 50 years out of date, the house wasn’t properly grounded (I really don’t get that – it looks to me like it’s sitting right on the ground….), the whole system was below current code, and there’s aluminum wiring in some outlets and switches that was causing what Mommy called “flickering lights”. I thought it was a fun light show, but it just gave Mommy that panicky look again.

So in July my family emptied out all the furniture that has “stuff” in it and boxed it all up. They unloaded all the bookcases with outlets behind them and there were stacks of books all over the place. All the furniture had to be moved away from the walls, so we now have pathways to get places.

Okay Daddy, I approve of your technique here. You may proceed.

Okay Daddy, I approve of your technique here. You may proceed.

It’s been an upside down wreck around here for two months. Some of the stuff has been put away, but we still have lots of boxes around and furniture that’s not in its right places because the painters came next and the walls had to be clear. Now Daddy’s ripping up the foyer floor and putting down a new one….then the carpet guys have to come…. Will this insanity never end?!

It took the electricians two days to do all they needed to do. It took the painters four days to remove tons of wallpaper and then paint all the rooms Mommy wanted painted. It took Daddy two weekends to remove all the old builder’s floor moldings and put down some nice bigger ones. Who knows how long it’ll take him to do the foyer, since he can only work on it on weekends? Hopefully the carpet guys will be done in a day, but then how long will it take to get all the boxes unpacked?? And what about the furniture delivery guys and the ones who pick up the old furniture??

How long is a pup expected to live like this?!

What’s worse is that every time those invaders come, I have to be kept on leash because I keep barking at them. I wanted to nose around in those little boxes the electricians kept opening up in the walls, but everyone yelled “NO!!” and that’s when the leash came out. How can I supervise if I’m constantly on leash?

I guess I’ll just keep supervising Daddy’s work, he doesn’t seem to mind. :)

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A call for advice – Daisy’s gone reactive!

Ack!! I don’t know what’s suddenly gotten into our little miss, but she’s suddenly become a reactive dog when we take her for walks. And she’s barking at every little thing she hears at home, too.

When we would walk her and we came upon another dog walker, Daisy was always friendly. Now all of a sudden she’s straining at the leash, barking up a storm, and occasionally throwing in a little growl as well. All of this happened within the past two weeks, and we want to stop it right away. Our dog walking neighbors now cross the street when they see us coming, and that has to stop. I don’t even want to take her to PetSmart until we fix this thing – close quarters are no place for a reactive dog.

A lot of the advice I see online asks us to work with a friend who has a dog; well, that’s not possible for us. Only one of my friends has a dog, and her dog is completely antisocial. We can’t even walk our dogs together anymore, he’s gotten so bad. So that’s out.

I’m becoming very confused by all the instructions I’ve found online because some actually contradict others. We need to start something now, before this behavior really takes hold and maybe even escalates.

Can anyone recommend a good website or technique that you know works? We’d really appreciate the help!


Oh Herbert, We Hardly Knew Ye…..

Poor Herbert. He’s not half the snake he used to be. One night with Daisy and it was poor Herbert’s last hurrah.

Herbert had it all. Three LOUD, easy to activate squeakers and lots of fuzzies. It was love at first sight for Daisy….unfortunately for Herbert.



Daisy and Herbert were inseparable.

Hello my new friend! Let's see what you're all about!

Hello my new friend! Let’s see what you’re all about!

She poked his squeakers with her nose….

Poke - Squeak! Poke Poke - Squeak Squeak!

Poke – Squeak! Poke Poke – Squeak Squeak!

Rolled him around….



And then finally got down to business.

You're miinnnne!

You’re miinnnne!

The next thing we knew, the squeakers that promised to continue squeaking even after being punctured were squeaking no more. In fact, they were rattling. Very appropriate for a snake, it’s true, but not for a squeaker toy!

Then we found the inevitable trail of evidence….

Endless trails of Herbert fuzzies told the whole sordid tale.

Endless trails of Herbert fuzzies told the whole sordid tale.

….and discovered that Herbert had given his all for love.

He’s still with us, bless his tenacious little heart, but he’s a silent friend now.

Herbert, post massacre. The rest of him looks much worse.

Herbert, post initiation. The rest of him looks much worse.

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